Small Obsession at the Somerville Museum! May 21-June 25, 2011

It may not contain dolls, and it may not exactly be what everyone else thinks of as a house. It may have originated as a model for an interior at 1:12 scale. It may be a miniature set where films are made, or dramas enacted, illustrating passions that have no other outlet. It may be a cabinet of exotic miniatures made to satisfy an adult’s craving for beauty. It may be a shrine to a personal or collective memory, a house of the spirit. Or, it may look and function like a “normal” dollhouse…having been made for the artist, instead of a child. In play, a child with a dollhouse is in charge of his or her own dwelling, with its own rules. The same is true of artist’s dollhouses.

For this show I use the term “dollhouse” loosely, to mean miniature environments in 1:12 scale, and films or photography using this subject. What the artist chooses to represent in this personal scale reflects his or her own obsessions, enacted on an intensely intimate stage that can be as compelling as a monumental sculpture. It is the creation of artist’s private worlds that I explore in this show; worlds directly analagous to toys and the emotional narratives they serve to enact, but filtered through the artist’s  experience and technical skill.


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